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Vegan Wines - Wine Club

Vegan Wines was founded by Frances Gonzalez in 2017 and focuses on providing its members with information about the taste, style, quality, and region of each hand-selected wine, along with plant-based recipe pairings to serve alongside each bottle. Members also receive details on the winemaking process and vineyard history gathered directly from the vineyard owners and winemakers themselves. Vegan Wines strives to create an in-depth and personal experience for each member through its subscription-based club and online wine shop.

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Despacito Distributors

Frances Gonzalez is the wine importer and distributor behind Despacito Distributors, a company that supplies 100% plant-based wines to business owners in the hospitality industry. Despacito selects and imports a variety of wines from an array of regions including France, Italy, California, the Finger Lakes, and Chile, ensuring they are completely free from animal products. Each selection is offered wholesale on SevenFifty. Despacito is also available to consult with businesses on how to best serve their discerning, plant-based clientele.

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Vegan Wines - Plant-Based Wine Club
Despacito Distributors - Plant Based Wines

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Who are we?

Despacito Distributors & Vegan Wines was founded by Frances Gonzalez in 2017 and focuses on providing high-quality vegan wines from the soil to the bottle. Vegan Wines is a subscription-based club and online wine shop that ships to over 41 states. Despacito Distributors is a wine importer and distribution company that supplies 100% plant-based wines to business owners in the hospitality industry. The wines for Vegan Wines are from Despacito Distributors both owned by Frances Gonzalez.

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What problems do we address?

We are a soil advocate, environmentalist, and animal activist. We contribute to today’s global movement by creating transparency within veganism and the wine industry. We do this by providing a 100% plant-based carefully selected wine portfolio featuring wines produced by winemakers doing their part towards a positive global movement. Our wine portfolio is for vegans and non-vegans alike that seek great tasting wines produced within humanly and sustainable methods.

How does our product provide a plant-based solution to replace animal-based products ingredients?

You may be surprised that your favorite wine, even if certified organic, has been created with animal-derived ingredients.

Whether or not a wine is vegan or vegetarian friendly does not have to appear on the wine label, as there are no laws in place mandating what is written on the labels.

We visit every vineyard before partnership to research and verify that the winemakers are not using any animal by-products from the soil to the bottle. Veganic methods are not only possible in winemaking, but it is also the best way to grow healthy great grapes to produce great naturally vegan wines.

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Frances Gonzalez, Founder + Owner

Frances is an experienced professional in the wine industry from New York, New York. As a wine expert and long-time vegan, she is the Founder and President of Vegan Wines, a completely vegan-friendly wine club, and Despacito Distributors, a plant-based wine distribution company.

Frances has acquired nuanced expertise in the wine industry through her work building these companies. Her background, however, delves deeper than entrepreneurship. She is also an active member of Women of the Vine & Spirits, an organization in which she coordinates events that foster a supportive environment for females in the alcoholic beverage industry.

Frances also has extensive experience in the vegan and plant-based market across the nation and internationally. Aside from researching and traveling to vineyards, she has sponsored conferences like the Plant Based World Expo and Miami Seed Food & Wine Week, as well as vegan dinners by the James Beard Foundation. Frances is also the founder of VegFest Puerto Rico, a festival that focuses on creating a community of people who appreciate vegan products, food, and beverages. Recently, she was a speaker on the plant-based panel at the 2019 American Culinary Federation National Convention. Visit the Vegan Wines website to view future events.

Frances Gonzalez - Coamo Dreams - Plant Based Vegan Wines

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